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Fri, Feb 1 2019 7:00 PM Sat, Feb 2 2019 7:00 PM

She stood alone. Temptation looked her square in the eyes. What would be her decision?

We all have a story, and it began the moment we took our first breath.

For some it has been a road of ups and down, highs and lows, ins and outs. For others it has been full of joy, blessings, and opportunity. But one thing we all share for sure. We have a story to tell.

For Eve the story began in the garden. It was there that she experienced the true love of God, along with joy, peace, and perfection, but it was also where she faced her biggest challenge and temptation. It was there that her world would forever changed, in just one day.

Our story is what gives us connection with one another. It is what makes us relatable and real. Eden: Where your story begins.

Join us on February 1-3, 2018  for our Women of Influence Conference.

Friday, February 1, 2019

6:30pm- Doors Open

7pm- Conference Begins 

9:30pm- Conference Day 1 Ends 

Saturday, February 2, 2019

8:30am- Doors Open

9am- Conference Begins

12pm-1:30pm- Lunch Break 

2pm- Session Begins 

5pm- Conference Day 2 Ends

The Heart of Eden
There it was, a picture of perfection. For it was the Father‘s heart – Eden. His finest creation played laughed, ate, and rejoiced in the heart of Eden. Yet in the midst of perfection is always choice her choice his choice the enemies choice
Temptation had come to the heart of Eden and Eve was poised to make a decision

Beauty became ashes Joy became sorrow freedom became death laughter became tears – – – in the heart of Eden.

In the heart of Eden. – There she stood in the heart of Eden unaware that she had an enemy seeking to devour her. For in the heart of Eden was joy beauty opportunity and love how could something so perfect become so evil?

But God could not bare to be separated from his creation. Taking a piece of His heart he made a way for the redemption of mankind. A sacrifice was made and now clothed with the love of God Eve could once again be a peace with God.


Wendy Perez 

ChurchLV is a multi-ethnic and multi-generational church that exists to help people follow Jesus and fulfill His mission. Pastor Wendy Perez is a powerful speaker with a passion to see people experience the grace of God in their lives. Wendy, along with her husband Benny Perez, pastor ChurchLV in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wendy is a sought-after speaker both locally and internationally. Wendy currently resides in Henderson, NV along with Benny and their three children, BJ, Bella and Benaiah.

Bianca Juarez Olthoff

Bianca Juarez Olthoff is a bible-teaching, word-slanging MexiRican who is passionate about raising up a generation of people passionate about Jesus Christ. As an author and speaker, she knows the power of words and wields them wisely. As a church planter and leader, she is committed to proclaiming the gospel domestically and internationally. For more information, follow along on social media or visit 

Jen Ramlet

Jen Ramlet has a passion for speaking to and mentoring women about the goodness of Jesus and finding freedom in Christ.  During her time at Azusa Pacific University, Jen mentored over 50 girls who battled with body image and eating disorder issues. After graduating, Jen moved to Colorado where she has been active in ministry ever since. Jen has been a part of The Global Down Syndrome Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with down syndrome; Save Our Youth, an organization that works with at risk youth in Denver metro area; Free the Girls, an organization that provides freedom for women captured by human trafficking; and Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, an organization that provides tools to jump-start lives through jobs, schooling and mentorship. 

Tammy Hotsenpiller 

Tammy is a life coach, author, speaker, and leader with a passion for equipping others to embrace their natural abilities, personal passions, and spiritual gifts. She is the President of Total Life Coach, LLC, a coaching company with an emphasis on life balance, purpose, and reinvention. Tammy is also the Founder and President of Women of Influence—an organization that seeks to empower, equip, and educate women in their spheres of influence. Tammy hosts an annual  National Women's conference for growth and personal development. 

Tammy is the founder and president of Story Club, an organization that assists women to "tell their story" to reveal a pattern for true success.  Tammy has authored six books. Taste of Humanity (2010) The Park (2017), Curious (2017) 3 Skips and a Jump, revised (2017), Collinsville (2018), and coming soon, Lost In Manhattan (2019). Tammy, along with her husband Phil, serve as President of Influence Music, an Indie label whose first album "Touching Heaven," hit #1 on the Christian charts, #2 Billboard.

Tammy’s days are rooted in creating a life that mirrors her passions, developing her strengths, and encouraging those around her to do the same. Tammy and her husband pastor Influence Church and live in Orange County, California. They are the proud parents of three talented children along with their equally awesome spouses and six grandchildren. 

Arica Synder 

Arica Snyder works alongside her husband, Nate Snyder as lead pastors of Influence Church in Anaheim Hills, CA and have two children, Abbey and River. Arica is a speaker, visionary, and producer who has a passion for helping people uncover their divine destiny and identity in Christ. Arica is a graduate of Vanguard University with a degree in business management. Arica loves to speak life into all and declare, "The best is yet to come."

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